My dedicated commitment to serving CUNY’s historic mission of serving its community extends beyond the classroom and is demonstrated by the more than 30 different committees I have served on at the programmatic, institutional, and university-wide levels over the past 14 years. At City Tech, I have served actively on College Council (the college’s faculty governance) as an English Department Delegate, member (and former Chair) of the Technology Committee, and have served as a member of the Executive Committee. I have been involved in key curriculum-building initiatives, including the creation of a B.S. in Professional and Technical Writing; an in-depth exploration of additional degrees in the English department; revision of our FYW (first-year writing) sequence; new course creations in Writing with New Media, Utopia & Dystopias, and Self-Help Literature; and a new minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I have been instrumental in cultural and pedagogical transformation at our college through interdisciplinary efforts in Emotions in Learning, First Year Learning Communities, General Education, connections among the humanities and STEM, and co-organizing our Annual Science Fiction Symposium. I also serve at the professional level, as evidenced by my leadership roles in the North American Society for Utopian Studies, the leading professional organization in that field.

From 2014-2020, I served as Co-Director of City Tech’s OpenLab, the college’s open-source platform for teaching, learning, and collaborating. My role focused on pedagogy and community-building; during my time as Co-Director, the OpenLab’s membership grew from under 10,000 to over 31,000 users. I have extensive experience in project management, increasing student engagement, iterative development, information architecture, faculty development, and innovative pedagogical practices. I co-led The Buzz, a team of student bloggers who contributed digital, multimodal, networked writing to the platform; mentored a group of graduate students who served as Digital Pedagogy Fellows; and designed and led faculty development workshops centered on using technology to make intentional choices about what we value in teaching and learning. I also served as Co-Director on a number of major institutional grants aimed at revitalizing general education at a college of technology, creating open teaching and learning opportunities for students in Math gateway courses, facilitating transfer for students in STEM majors, and OERs (open educational resources).