I am passionate about pedagogy, and welcome the opportunity to reflect on my own or discuss with others how they approach teaching.

I have designed and taught over 40 sections of composition, professional and technical writing, and literature courses at both public and private institutions, led learning communities, developed interdisciplinary curricula, worked with primarily ESL and immigrant populations, tutored in a writing center, and mentored both students and faculty in technology-across-the-curriculum initiatives. My primary pedagogical goal in all of these cases is to provide students with multiple literacies, to build their competencies in traditional academic discourse as well as in critical thinking (in critical educator Paulo Freire’s phrase, “reading the world and the word”) so that they become both successful professionals and responsible citizens. I welcome the competing priorities of preparing students to succeed in the world the way it is and providing them with opportunities to develop a critical stance towards this same world in the hope of one day changing it.

Learn more about my pedagogy by reading my Teaching Philosophy or exploring my courses.